First click on FileZilla below. Then download and install the Client only, not the server.                
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Once ZileZilla is installed, open it and you'll see this, but the Host and Username will be blank.    
Enter this information in those blank boxes:            
In the Host box enter:    
In the Username put:    
Password for everyone:    Upload4free!    
Then click on Quickconnect. Do not enter the Port number.      
You'll get comething like this:  
Your computer is on the left from where you will upload files to the UploadArea folder on the right.   
Just to see how it all works, simply drag the files to the right and into the UploadArea folder or one you create inside UploadArea.   
I will delete your folders often because this is meant to be a practice for you to use FileZilla.  
Later when I have things more organized, you will be able to have your own folder and password that only you may use for free.  
 I'll tell you more about that later.  
For now, do not upload anything that is important to you or private because anyone can look at it.  
To open your file on the right, right-click on that filea and slect "View/Edit."   
FileZilla is unforgiving so if you delete a file, it's gone forever.   
If you drag it to another folder, it gets moved and not copied.   
Keep in mind that FileZilla is free. You shouldn't complain.  
I used FastStone Capture to capture the images above. It can be downloaded from:  
You may donate a few dollars to them if you like.