Quick Price Information                                    
This page is a quick reference to our pricing method. You cannot take your own PDF and multiply those bytes by our price. Our method requires a number of steps in order to be fair to you and us.                                 
It takes far more effort to clean up a graphic that has a lot of stuff in it than it does to just copy and paste an image.                                
Image that needs some work:   Image that needs no work:                                
Bytes:   Bytes:                                
40,021   32,703                                
$0.00024   $0.00024                                
$9.61   $7.85                                
The price to place a completed image that needed work:
The price to place a completed image that does not need work:
What about text or text and graphics together? The same method is applied.                                  
To find out more information regarding how we charge by the byte…                                  
  click here.
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