So far I wanted you to see that if you paste an image into a program that has the option of saving as a PDF, no other program saves it the same way.                 
One version of it was saved in WordPerfect and its size in bytes is: 6,958                  
Another version was created in Word 2010 and its size in bytes is: 85,379                  
A third one was created in PhotoShop and its size in bytes is: 25,369                  
The next few lines show what the cost would be if I charged 1 cent per byte                    
WordPerfec's PDF $69.58                  
Word's PDF $853.79                  
PhotoShop's PDF $253.69                  
That's a bit high, I think you'd agree.                  
When I first saw this image I thought $10 would be fair. That would be my best guess so let me reduce the per byte charge to $0.00024 per byte to see if that comes close to that.                  
WordPerfec's PDF $1.67                  
Word's PDF $20.49                  
PhotoShop's PDF $6.09                  
That's no good either.                     
Teachers usually submit PDF files to us. What I found out was I could not charge a per byte fee based on what they sent to me because they submitted PDFs to us that were created from various programs. Some would cost the school thousands of dollars and others would cost under a hundred dollars.                
In the summer of 2016 I decided to charge by the item and called it "item-specific" pricing. For example, the image above is one image and it has 4 labels (r D l h). My fee for the image was $10 and each Braille label was $2 so the cost of producing a tactile graphic with Braille labels was $18. That seemed like a good idea until, in another graphic, I encountered a hand pointing in 4 different directions. Do I count those individually since they are different, but all I had to do is rotate them?  I did not charge for that, yet it was extra work and it was four separate graphics. What about maps, which are usually difficult and time consuming to do? Some take 4 hours to complete. Even though it may take 4 hours to do a map, should I get paid the same as I would for doing an image like the one above? No because I would lose money.                 
Toward the end of last summer a solution came to me.                   
Click here to find out what that was...