Books & Transcribers        
We intend to accomplish having an enormous database of books that are available from Braille, Large Print, and Tactile Graphics producers and a listing of transcribers who are available to do work for you or organization. The transcribers who list their names here are not part of us, Books For The Blind. They are vendors or personal transcribers.    
There is no charge for listing your books or your name with us. If you are interested in listing your books or any kind of reading material, or your name, email your list or name to: The book list must be in a spreadsheet file.    
If you don't have a spreadsheet program, one is available to you for free. Click the hyperlink below to get a free OpenOffice program that has a spreadsheet program.    
Free OpenOffice Software  
When you are ready to upload files, please click on the next hyperlink to find out how to do that using FileZilla.    
How to upload and download files